ACC Taiwan Virtual Exchange Program 2021

ACC Taiwan is sponsoring a special virtual exchange program and engagement in the arts between Taiwan and Asia, and between Taiwan and the United States. The ACC Taiwan Virtual Exchange Program 2021 is a limited initiative serving projects taking place between June 1st, 2021-June 1st, 2022.

In the virtual program, priority is given to process-driven activities that include but not limited to online research, online training, online study, and online exploration. ACC fellowships and grants are not intended for production-focused activities such as touring, performing, exhibiting, publishing, or making work.

Length: 1-12 months
Funding Period: June 1st, 2021-June 1st, 2022
Who: Individuals and Non-Profit Arts Organizations in Taiwan
Eligible Fields: Eligible Fields
Activity: Virtual engagement*

*Please Note: This is a temporary program that does not follow the same general guidelines, FAQ, or application instructions found elsewhere on the ACC website.

In 2021, in response to COVID-19, and the uncertainty of international travel, ACC Taiwan is calling for proposals and engagement in the arts from individuals and organizations in Taiwan with projects intended to strengthen international connectivity and engagement between Taiwan and countries/regions of Asia and the U.S., through activities and projects that can be enacted without international travel.

In response to the economic impact of the pandemic, grant funds may be used to support artist honoraria and organizational costs of managing virtual programs.

Application Priorities

  • Programs that build, strengthen, and maintain international connectivity and active dialogue between artists, scholars, and arts professionals across borders.
  • Programs that support, connect, encourage exchange among artists, scholars, and arts professionals between Taiwan and the United States, and between Taiwan and countries/ regions in Asia.
  • ACC Taiwan has a strong legacy of inclusion of all people in its programs and encourages proposals from individuals and organizations representing a diversity of perspectives and experiences.

Applicant Eligibility

  • Individuals and organizations in Taiwan conducting virtual exchange projects with practicing artists, scholars, and arts professionals in the countries/regions of Asia and the U.S.
  • There are two types of application: individual and organization.
    • Individual application: Applicants must be practicing artists, scholars, and arts professionals in an eligible field; can apply with up to 1 collaborator, total of 2 collaborators including the applicant. 3 or more than 3 collaborators must apply through an organization application.
    • Organization application: must be nonprofit. Programs involving 3 or more than 3 collaborators must apply through an organization application.

Eligible Projects

  • Programs must be able to be carried out without international travel. Examples may include, but are not limited to, online peer discussions, online interviews, online training, online symposia, online conferences, online workshops, etc.
  • Process-driven activities (such as research, training, study, or exploration) that enable cultural immersion, relationship-building, collaboration, or the exchange of knowledge among peers; public-facing events are permissible, but should not be the primary focus of the program.
  • The project activity must take place during the period of June 1st, 2021-June 1st, 2022.

Eligible Use of Funds

The following examples of allowable expenses are not a complete list and are given as a general guideline only:


  • Online meeting or research stipend for up to 2 collaborators, including the applicant; 3 or more than 3 collaborators must apply through an organization application.
  • Technical support for programs moving online
  • Online residency fees paid to partner organizations


  • Program management costs (up to 20% of itemized program costs)
  • Online meeting and research stipend for 3 or more than 3 collaborators
  • Space rental
  • Investment in the equipment/technology needed to make virtual engagement possible
  • Translation
  • Documentation (including website, leaflet, video documentation, and modest publication expenses)

Ineligible Use of Funds

  • International travel and accommodation
  • Commercial activity
  • Exhibitions without accompanying exchange/engagement programs
  • Shipping work for exhibitions, in-person public performances, film production, and similar production-related expenses
  • Arts in education
  • Projects taking place outside the funding period (June 2021- June 2022)

Budget Guidelines

From 5,000 USD up to 20,000 USD

*Strong applications will include a reasonable budget for the expenses required to carry out the project. Requesting a smaller amount is not an advantage.

How to Apply

Application Schedule

  • Application deadline: March 31st, 2021
  • Applicants will be notified of the results of their application by June 1st, 2021

Application Submission

  • One application form with all necessary accompanying documents should be attached in a single email to with the subject line with the subject line “2021 INDIVIDUAL APPLICATION” or “2021 ORGANIZATION APPLICATION.”
  • Emails must not exceed 20 MB.
  • A confirmation email will be sent within one week of submission. If you do not receive a confirmation after one week, please contact

Private information submitted in the application form should be used only for the application selection process of ACC. It will not be disclosed to third parties or used for any other purposes. For application questions, please email or dial +886 2 8771 8836. Please note that it may take us a few days to respond. Thank you for applying, we appreciate and value each and every individual and group application.

Application Form

  • Applications must be completed in BOTH English and Mandarin.
  • Please follow the application guidelines on this website.
  • Please download the Individual or Organization application below (you will need to submit BOTH an application and budget form via email).

*Applicants do not need to sign in or sign up for Dropbox to access forms, please click on the download arrow to download.